Our Vision

Our vision is intelligent and affordable medicine for the 21st century.

We strive to achieve this through the creation of the next generation of biopharmaceuticals, making them more effective in the treatment of patients, as well as more affordable and accessible to the patients, helping more people through the use of our technology. Our current focus is on biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer and age-related diseases.

Anthrocell Pty Ltd is a private Australian biotechnology company that has developed a novel technological platform for the development, production and manufacture of next generation pharmaceuticals based on human monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

Anthrocell’s human-cell-based proprietary technology allows production of biopharmaceutical proteins with complete human post-translational modifications. This means that the proteins produced by this process are human in every respect, unlike those currently on the market, which are often human in structure but having been produced by animal cells (e.g. Chinese Hamster Ovaries) are burdened by substances foreign to human biology. As a result, the biopharmaceuticals produced by Anthrocell’s process are superior in effectiveness and the risk of adverse side-effects associated with their use is largely curtailed. Ultimately our technology translates into better outcomes for the patients.

For the industry, it gives a one-stop solution from early drug development to large scale manufacturing. Our technology aligns the financial interests of the industry with the health interests of the patients, resulting in better outcomes all round.