About Anthrocell

Anthrocell Pty Ltd  is an Australian biotechnology company. Our vision is intelligent and affordable medicine for the 21st century, and we believe that to achieve that vision a multidisciplinary research effort is required, bringing together disciplines such as biophysics, molecular biology, immunology, and others.  As such, our strategy is to leverage our internal expertise and capabilities by forging strong industry links with a number of public research institutions both in and outside Australia to access their research infrastructure and resources without the need to invest vast amounts of capital to replicate what is already available in the market and the public domain.

Based in Sydney’s Australian Technology Park, Anthrocell is a lean organisation, consisting of a small number of effective and dedicated individuals with a collectively vast amount of experience in a diverse array of fields, each contributing their own unique expertise, experience, and contacts to Anthrocell’s growing resource base.

The company is presently focused on deploying its novel biopharmaceutical production platform, the Anthrocell Expression System (ACX™), to enable a dramatic improvement in the clinical effectiveness and time to market for a range of biologic (recombinant protein) drugs such as monoclonal antibodies.

A new generation protein expression system derived from human lymphocyte cells, ACX™ can be used to manufacture protein drugs that are structurally identical to those produced by the human immune system, with 100% human post-translational modifications such as glycosylation.

The company’s operations span the biopharmaceutical industry’s value chain, from basic R&D to drug development through to manufacturing (both for ourselves and as a contracted service).  We are organised into three synergistic business units:
  • Anthrocell, the core business unit, focuses on licensing the ACX platform to drug developers and manufacturers;
  • Anthrocell Therapeutics (ACT) has developed a pipeline of Monoclonal Antibody products for breast cancer that are presently in pre-clinical (in vivo) development;
  • Anthrocell Bioservices (ABS) assists users of the ACX platform with cell-line and bioprocess development, as well as small-scale production of materials for pre-clinical studies.

Our History

Based in Sydney, Anthrocell began operations in early 2010 with the aim of commercialising the human-cell-based expression system resulting from the discoveries and research of the Stephen Sanig Research Institute (SSRI), an independent, publicly funded, non-profit scientific research organisation. Anthrocell and SSRI have a close, synergistic and mutually beneficial working relationship. While Anthrocell pursues the commercialisation of the technology, a portion of the proceeds from such activities will feed back into SSRI to further its ongoing research into the broader areas of human disease in line with its charter.

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