Anthrocell Therapeutics (ACT)

Our Anthrocell Therapeutics business unit is leveraging the ACX™ platform to develop a set of new-generation monoclonal antibody drugs.

With several leading anti-cancer biopharmaceutical drugs on the market no longer protected by patents, several industry players are moving to bring to market copies of these drugs.  Such copies, designated as “biosimilars," aim to replicate the clinical performance of the original drug … but at a lower cost.

Anthrocell Therapeutics (ACT) is taking a different approach.  Identifying drugs whose clinical performance was particularly compromised by the presence of non-human post translational modifications (including glycosylation), ACT is working to develop ACX™ based versions of these drugs. These improved (“bio-better") drugs would work with the patient’s immune system to deliver superior treatment outcomes.

Our Product Pipeline

We are presently working on three bio-better monoclonal antibody drugs:
  • AC-01: an improved version of a leading breast cancer drug, AC-01 has exhibited the target chemical (PTM) properties and is undergoing in-vivo pre-clinical development;
  • AC-02: an improved version of a different breast cancer drug, AC-02 is at an earlier development stage, about to commence in-vitro pre-clinical development;
  • AC-03: an improved version of a leading drug for colorectal cancer, AC-03 is a recently commenced joint venture with an Israeli partner.
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