Anthrocell Bioservices

Anthrocell is working with the SA Government to build an advanced manufacturing facility for production of biopharmaceutical proteins for human therauputic use. 

Dedicated to mammalian production, the facility will be fully cGMP compliant with relevant TGA, FDA, and EMA regulations.

Located in Thebarton, just next to central Adelaide, the facility is being designed from ground up to leverage a new generation of single use production technologies to offer improved process control, short lead times and rapid product switching

The resulting operational flexibility will enable the facility to produce multiple products, not only providing Anthrocell with the capacity it needs to scale-up its operations, but also operating as a CMO to sell production capacity to other early-stage biotech firms and to global bio-pharma vendors that need flexible regional capacity.

Operating two 1000L bioreactors, the facility is expected to be able to produce over 150kg of biopharmacutical proteins each year.  Well placed to address the industry’s growing capacity shortages, it presents an essential resource for Australia’s emerging biotechnology sector.

Working With Anthrocell Bioservices

Anthrocell Bioservices is expected to commence operations in the near future, and is looking to engage with firms who anticipate needing production capacity at that time.

Interested in working with Anthrocell Bio-Services?