Research Team

Currently, Anthrocell is working closely with its research partner, the Stephen Sanig Research Institute (SSRI), to fast-track its R & D program. Together with Anthrocell, SSRI is located within the same building at the Australian Technology Park.

Aside from the research staff, SSRI maintains five laboratories housed within the same complex – the Tissue Culture and Cell Biology, Bioprocess, Molecular Biology, Analytical Biology, and Single Cell Analysis and Manipulation laboratories – each fully equipped with specialised apparatus dedicated to furthering the research in a particular discipline. Together, SSRI’s research team forms a multidisciplinary core of expertise and resources that Anthrocell may readily draw upon and combine with the efforts of other research groups with whom we have relationships within the industry.

Anthrocell’s firm foundations in business neatly complement the breadth of scientific expertise embodied within SSRI’s research team. By focusing on taking care of business, Anthrocell is enabled to do what we do best, while enabling SSRI’s scientists to focus on what they do best – research. Thus a synergy is formed to mutual benefit whereby Anthrocell is able to leverage SSRI’s research team, infrastructure, and research products in return for the daily value and other opportunities we in turn bring to their team.

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